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Disputes, Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation: IAA is known for its unparalleled expertise in litigation claims and for its highly qualified team of professionals. Although the firm is not limited to any specific area of litigation, our years of expertise enable us to represent individuals and business entities in a broad range of claims. Our litigation background includes various contexts of civil, administrative, commercial, criminal, tax and insurance disputes.

Arbitration: IAA has set itself apart for its distinguished and highly regarded international arbitration practice. Our attorneys draft and implement the fitting strategies to settle differences and highly complex corporate disputes that could put our clients’ business and reputation at risk. At IAA, our arbitrators form a strong and reputable litigation team, known for their considerable academic and practical experience, as well as their ability to deal with convoluted issues and managing any developments that may arise during the course of the litigation. We represent large Lebanese and multinational companies, and provide them with legal support in class action litigations.