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Maritime Trade and Insurance

IAA offers its legal services in shipping, maritime and trade law through specialist knowledge and in-depth analysis of claims for hire and demurrage, ship and property arrests, charter party disputes, maritime trade and other related litigations, sea protests, marine insurance claims, maritime liens and bunker quality disputes. Moreover, the firm assists its clients with negotiating and drafting trading conditions and agreements, establishing protection strategies against wreck and salvage, personal injuries and piracy.

Furthermore, insurance law represents one of the most dynamic fields of IAA’s legal expertise. We work closely with various local and international insurers and reinsurers regularly on a broad spectrum of legal matters including liability claims, multiple coverage issues, investigating and settling fraudulent insurance disputes, and resolving complex conflicts of primary/excess coverage or reinsurance. The IAA legal team is esteemed for its work on claims and insurance litigations that covers domains such as construction defects, disability, bad faith, catastrophic loss, fraud and much more.