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Construction and Engineering

IAA team has comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all legal matters resulting from construction, engineering and developing projects in Lebanon and in the MENA region including FIDIC contracts. Our lawyers work not only to offer the needed legal advice, but also to achieve the best practical outcome for our clients. The firm’s services include preparing well drafted standard and bespoke contracts to prevent disputes, putting into place framework and joint venture agreements, preparing and managing claims of delay, acceleration, suspension and/or termination as well as sub-contracting conflicts and loss of labor productivity. Our team is dedicated to ensure that the clients’ construction sites run smoothly and safely. In case of unforeseen complications, IAA will employ the suitable dispute resolution techniques to resolve the matter as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Our database and experience allows us to offer clients all construction related agreements and counseling staring from drafting and reviewing tenders and bidding agreements, and performance and completion guarantees, to negotiating and filing warnings in case of contractual violations.