The Firm


“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”
Helen Keller

Founded in 1999 and after two decades of legal practice, IAA is now known as one of the leading law firms in Lebanon for its innovative and direct approach to legal counseling, litigation and dispute resolution strategies.
Today, after more than two decades of legal practice and a much larger team, IAA has earned wide recognition for its commitment to the representation and support of its clients and its high-quality legal consultancy. IAA is determined to achieve global coverage by incorporating its areas of expertise and core values to successfully cover cross-border transactions on international levels.
We are dedicated to finding groundbreaking solutions to complex challenges. We aim at building trust and confidence in our clients who delegate to us their problems and challenges.


”A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”
Mahatma Gandhi

We have gained the knowledge, expertise and the extensive legal resources needed to deliver the best advice and support to our clients. Our team works collaboratively to set clear objectives, develop plans of actions and organize regular meetings to evaluate the firm’s progress and performance against those objectives.
We stress on meeting our clients’ interests and maintaining their reputations taking into consideration their needs and opinions in every decision we make. We successfully advocate for our clients before regulatory authorities and official agencies in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner, and ensure unrelenting representation in the MENA region and the international realm.
Our team chaired with the firm’s managing partners are prepared to lead and adapt to all complex and competing challenges.

IAA is based on ethics, principles
endeavors and commitment

IAA’s partners, associates and personnel share common values of integrity, enthusiasm and persistence. Our work reflects our values and vision, such as our commitment to sustainability and advancing the community in which we live and work. For this reason, we have become throughout the years the firm of choice to domestic and international clients for their most demanding and critical legal issues that range from business transactions to weighty disputes. Our clients are at the heart of why and how we work. We follow a timeless philosophy of always asking ourselves, “how could we do this better” in order to deliver greater value in the future.
Most importantly, throughout all that we do, IAA strives to promote an inclusive and diverse culture, with respect to each individual’s background, professional experience, knowledge and skills. We aim to be a positive contribution to the mission and commitments we are entrusted with, through our ethical and responsible practices.